The Philippines is counting more than 7000 islands. Among the archipelago there is one that definitely makes the difference: the province of Palawan. The location offers fantastic beaches, wonderful underwater world, and tropical landscape. To be able to catch the true authenticity and beauty of the place the best is to join a several days boat expedition Palawan. In between El Nido and Coron, there are around one hundred of islands. Joining a boat expedition Palawan offer the chance to reach the most beautiful places in Palawan. Mostly travelers will reach El Nido in order to do the common daily island hopping and sleep back in town. After that they will travel to Coron and do the same. What about the islands in between El Nido and Coron? Truly a hidden gem and with less visited than the rest of the islands: this is a must place to see while traveling to the Philippines. For those who are really to change their habit and join a several days boat expedition to Palawan you will be living a true experience and reaching some of the most remote places of the region of Palawan.

Pristine Island Hopping

An island-hopping boat expedition Palawan offers opportunities that regular island hopping doesn’t offer. In fact, for a few days’ travelers are able to explore secluded coves, secret lagoons, and pristine beaches, including lagoons. The itinerary is not fixed in order to unlight the impact on the environment. Nativ’ Exploration Palawan which offers boat expedition Palawan always keeps the authenticity of the trip by regularly changing the route and by being concerned for the impact of tourism on nature. Daily activities are mostly always water related. During a boat expedition to Palawan, travelers can experience kayaking; they can also try fishing if they wish so. They will sleep either in a tent or in a local bamboo hut, falling asleep with the sound of the wave. A boat expedition brings another level of island hopping since the areas visited are barely seen by others.

Unspoiled Marine Life

Joining a several days boat expedition Palawan allows travelers to see the rich marine biodiversity of Palawan. Islands in between El Nido and Coron are still mostly untouched and kept their authenticity. During a boat expedition Palawan, the joiners will have the possibility to experience snorkeling and diving in its crystal-clear waters. In fact, one of the regions that travelers are visiting during this several days cruise is Linapacan, which was elected a couple of years ago to be the clearest water in the world. Due to many pearl farms the area has been controlled and protected from illegal fishing such as dynamite which definitely damages the coral for a very long time. During a boat expedition with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan the accent is given to the nature. The guests will have the chance to deep into the wonderwork of the underwater, by chance they could experience to swim with majestic sea turtles, to dive among colorful coral reefs. That is the reality of everyday life on board. For a couple of days during a boat expedition Palawan travelers will have the chance to witness the diversity of the underwater world of Palawan.

Serene Nature Escapes

 A boat expedition Palawan is giving the chance to its joiners to adopt a back-to-basics way of life. Most travelers coming from foreign countrieshope to relax while traveling so far away in asia. Sometimes it can take a little while to really start to relax after a full year of busy life at home. Joining an adventure such as a boat expedition will bring you straight to that point. You will leave a completely different adventure and will have no time to think about work, you will be present now at the right place and enjoy it.

Since nature and the islands in between El Nido and Coron were kept preserved from massive infrastructure they are very away from the busy life: so perfect to disconnect. For those who want to escape from the crowd and from the regular activities, a boat expedition to Palawan is the best option. For a few days travelers will immerse themselves in Palawan’s unspoiled nature. Almost a hundred islands were preserved with the lush rainforests and the stunning karst formations: the beauty is almost unrealistic. Travelers who will join this unique boat expedition Palawan will have the chance to experience the real peace that comes with being surrounded by such breathtaking landscapes. Nowadays, it is definitely a big luxury to be able to access the simplicity. Indeed, this boat expedition to Palawan will be far from the comfort of a big resort and this is not made for everyone, but it will bring a once in a lifetime adventure. You probably will have only one wish at the end: to schedule your next coming to join on another boat.

Authentic Cultural Encounters

During a boat expedition to Palawan, travelers will pass true locals and native villages, where people are still living in a traditional way. Palawan is the home of different ethnic groups which come from several parts of the Philippines. Palawan’s indigenous communities are a jewel of the region. Some of them were able to preserve their unique tradition and true modernity. They have fantastic cultural heritage, they know how to wave leaves, free dive for fishing and they have unique talent for sailing without any technology.  Being able to visit and to learn from such communities during a boat expedition to Palawan is a big chance. This is also the best way Nativ’ Exploration Palawan found to give back to locals and to support sustainable tourism. Nativ’ Exploration during a several days boat expedition Palawan will always buy food from local and empower traditional cooking rather than international one, in that way travelers can really adopt the local way of life. During such a boat expedition to Palawan, travelers will discover the reality of the everyday life of inhabitants.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Most of the travelers who will reach Palawan will go for the regular island hopping packed with hundreds of persons, going at the same places and at the same times. Joining a boat expedition to Palawan will allow travelers to discover lesser-known spots and hidden gems in Palawan during a few days. Being almost alone on a pristine white sand beach, swimming in crystal blue water, visiting hidden coves and snorkeling in the middle of well-preserved coral will create unforgettable memories off the tourist trail, making the journey truly one-of-a-kind. That is a big chance for travelers. There is no public transportation to reach the archipelago of Linapacan which is located in between El Nido and Coron. One of the only ways to visit this area is to join a several days boat expedition to Palawan.

The route from El Nido to Coron is full of hidden gems rarely seen by tourists since it is outside the regular road that travelers are mostly passing by. Since there is no public transportation there are only a few limited options to discover that area. Joining a boat expedition with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is definitely one of the best options. If you want to experience a back-to-basics adventure and discover the luxury of simplicity, joining a boat cruise with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan will blow your mind. Nativ’ Exploration is offering during 3 to 5 days the chance to discover the beauty of the islands while experiencing the local way of life. If you like to travel off the beaten track the adventure of a boat expedition Palawan is made for you. The daily activities are snorkeling, relaxing by the beach, enjoying the sunset and sunrise, discovering the local food and sharing time around the bonfire. This tropical camping will make the highlight of your trip in the Philippines. A boat expedition to Palawan is, for sure, the best option for beach lovers and adventure seekers.  Nativ’ Exploration also tries to empower slow tourism which fitsperfectly with the serenity of the local There is no pressure in terms of timing. The best will not be the quantity, but the quality of the time spent on these secluded islands. Since the agency is the one to organize everything: boat, food, base camp… you won’t have to worry about anything except to relax and to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. This boat expedition Palawan is definitely made for those who want to experience something different during their trip. You will be far from your confort but you will be able to build fantastic memories.

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