Here are some tips to be aware before traveling the Palawan in order to spend peaceful holidays!

1. There is now ATMs in El Nido

Since few months El Nido is now having several ATMs. As a traveller you will now be able to find cash in town. You must always remember that during high season and especially on the weekend the ATMs can be out of cash. Better to always have some money in advance, most tour operators in El Nido are not accepting card, if they are they will hold a charge of 3 to 5 %.

Here are the locations of the ATMs:

  • Lio shop
  • One Suite Hotel, Corong Corong (just next to the market)
  • Main branch of BPI inside El Nido town

2. Electricity is 24 hours a day BUT there are always a lot of interruption

The town has electricity all the day long since only 2015. Before that it was only available from 2 pm to 6 am.

Now El Nido is having 24hours electricity but still with a lot of black out.  Many establishments are had their own generators to allow to run at least fan and light at night time.

3. There is no hospital in El Nido

For minor sickness there are 2 options: the rural health located just near the municipal hall and the private medical city center.

Those two establishments are having very limited infrastructures and doctors. In case of serious concern the safest way will be to fly back to Manila or at least to visit some hospitals in Puerto Princesa.

4. Internet Access

Finding a basic Internet access was very hard until few months ago, it was mostly working very early in the morning when not that much people used to be connected.

Now, few establishments in El Nido town had fiber optic Wi-Fi connections. You better keep in mind that it will still be probably not the best connection you could find.

5. Meals can take a while to be served at the restaurant

El Nido is having a larger range of restaurants than before.  Most of them use to cook fresh food which could take a while. Getting served in paradise can take kind of long time. So better to not wait to be starving before going to eat.

meal el nido

6. Airport in El Nido

Airswift is the only company operating in El Nido airport. Now and then they offers new destinations like: Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Coron, Manila, Cebu, Clark, Bohol, Basco

If you will use this company in order to reach Manila and then to flight back home it is always safer to spend one night in Manila. It could happen that some flight are delayed or cancel.

It so much easier than travelling back and forth to Puerto Princesa (5 hours approximately). If you want to have a look to their destinations and prices here is the website: