Nativ’ Exploration is an expedition agency based in El Nido which focuses on offering boat expeditions from El Nido to Coron in order to explore islands, underwater worlds and natural beauty. This agency was created more than 10 years ago so it has been operating boat expeditions for a long time now. Nativ’ Exploration is proposing a boat expedition which is different from other regular daily tours. The goal of this agency is to allow travelers to immerse themselves into local culture and to discover the daily life of islanders. Nativ’ Exploration will sail through remote villages and unspoiled islands during this 3 or 5 days boat expedition. They are in favor of smaller groups (up to 14 persons), some agencies can reach up to 30 persons plus on board. Nativ’ Exploration wants to offer a boat expedition which is more intimate in order to fit with sustainable tourism.

Live an authentic adventure during our boat expeditions

In order to let travelers experience a unique boat expedition adventure, Nativ’ Exploration will reach remote islands such as Linapacan. Often referred to as the clearest water in the world, Linapacan is a place a bit hard to reach since there is no public transportation. Boat expedition is definitely the perfect way to reach this island and discover some of the most beautiful beaches of the Philippines.

During a boat expedition, joiners will adopt the local way of life of Filipino inhabitants such as fishing, sleeping in nipa hut (local house), cooking and eating local dishes. Nativ’ Exploration will not pressure their traveler in terms of timing and they will favor slow tourism. The boat expedition is happening thanks to a local boat called a Banka powered by engines. The itinerary with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is not fixed in order to be able to make every adventure different and to limit our footprint on the environment. During this boat expedition, travelers either sleep on remote beaches or villages, these places are mostly owned by locals since Linapacan is still preserved from mass tourism.

The route from El Nido to Coron counts hundreds of islands with clear blue water, white sand beaches, coral gardens, shipwreck and remote fishermen villages rarely seen by tourists. The boat expedition with Nativ’ Exploration is providing an experience to allow travelers to live for a couple of days far from the comfort of their house and experience the Filipino way of life. This is definitely a laid back life during this boat expedition.

Your typical day with Nativ´Exploration Boat expedition

Every day on board with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is different! Activities during a boat expedition are mostly water related such as snorkeling, discovering beaches, kayaking which are provided on board. During this 3 or 5 days boat expedition travelers will be able to discover coral gardens as well as some Japanese from the second world war sunken shipwreck. Nativ’ Exploration will visit the perfect spots in order to allow travelers to make every day magic.

During a 3 or 5 day boat expedition there is also some land adventure such as discovering villages, enjoying sunset and sunrise for the early birds, spending time around a bonfire and falling asleep under a millions of stars. This is the perfect combination of island adventure and adopting a local way of life.

This boat expedition with Nativ’ Exploration is definitely made for adventurous travelers who want to experience something different. Comfort will be very limited while on board but it will create plenty of unique memories.

How much does a Nativ´Exploration experience cost?

With Nativ’ Exploration Palawan there are two types of boat expedition: a 3 days and 2 nights which cost 17 500 pesos per person or a 5 days and 4 nights at the price of 24 500 pesos per person.

Both option will included the following during a boat expedition:

  • water and food
  • local guide
  • snorkeling gear
  • boat and guide
  • entrance and sleeping fees
  • environmental fees
  • sleeping equipments

Nativ’ Exploration will not include the following during their boat expedition: alcoholic drinks, fins, towels, and transportation before and after, deposit fee

That is mostly an all-inclusive option that Nativ’ Exploration is offering. Our Filipino chef on board will be happy to cook for you fresh food such as seafood, meat or only veggies options. If you are lucky enough to catch some fish during your boat expedition you can give it to our cook and he will prepare it for you. We can also accommodate any type of diet such as vegan options; we only need to be informed in advance about it.