Tourism has been booming recently in El Nido town. A lot of establishments are under construction. Travellers may think that this will be an overworked place with common touristic activities. Actually El Nido still have some well kept secrets activities and you can also try to escape from the traditional tourist path.

Explore the local markets

As traveller you might think that El Nido is a busy town were all the activities are touristic oriented. You can actually catch up some moment of the local daily life by visiting the market on Wednesday or Saturday (market day).

On those day sellers are coming from different places around El Nido to sell their local products. You will be able to see a colorful festival and discover many Palaweneos products.

Escape to Duli beach

Duli is a beach located 45 minutes by motorbike from El Nido town. So far it’s mostly frequented by surfers for its waves. But this actually a white pristine sandy beach. Only few establishments are there which make the place remote and particularly gorgeous.

Tip: If you want to visit that place you better get some sandflies repellant.

Reach out Linapacan groups of Islands

Never heard about it yet? This is a must see in Palawan only visited by few tourists due to its remote location. It has been elected few years ago: Clearest Water in the world. Linapacan groups of islands is composed by plenty of white sand beaches, snorkeling spots, fishermen villages… There is no transportation to reach that place, so you will have to take a 5 days and 4 nights boat expedition in order to reach paradise.