Kayangan Lake in Coron island, Philippines is a breathtaking spot: emerald water surrounded by a very high and majestic cliff, only reachable by a local banca boat. This paradise is located in the south west of the Philippines. The Philippines islands have 7107 islands and with more than 2000 of them which are still rarely visited. Coron Island is part of the famous region of Palawan, still a remote location because it can only be reached on a local banca boat. Well known for all its beautiful wonders: underground river in Palawan, lagoons in El Nido, crystal water and white sand beaches in Linapacan: only reachable by expedition on a banca local boat. You can check the several days boat trip Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is offering on our website.

Coron island is part of an ancestral island, which is protected and can only be owned by the local tribe: Tagbanwa people. The native people always did their best to protect the lake. That is why the water is still so crystal cleared. Kayangan lake is internationally known to be one of the best diving spots in the world.

Where is kayangan Lake?

Kayangan Lake is located in Coron Island. This lake is fronting Coron town, which is located in Busuanga island and can only be reached by banca local boat. There is often a misunderstanding between Coron town and Coron island which are two different places.

Why is Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan famous?

Kayangan lake in Palawan is very famous in south Asia. This lake located on Coron Island is reachable by banca local boat. This is a must-see place to see while traveling to the Philippines. This is a crystal blue freshwater lake surrounded by rock formations, caves and islets. This is known to be the cleanest lake in all the Philippines. There is a viewpoint where you can climb on it and that is the perfect place for view point and engagement pictures.

How to get to Kayangan Lake?

In order to reach Kayanhan lake in Palawan by banca local boat, you have to travel first to Coron on Busuanga island. There are plenty of airlines traveling from Manila or from Cebu going to Coron. The best is to book in advance since sometimes the flight can be full especially during holy week. This is one of the most famous places to travel for Filipinos.

Once you arrive in Coron, Palawan there is no public transportation to reach that place. Kananga Lake is only accessible by banca local boat since it is located on an island. This is only a few minutes away from Coron town. Most travelers will choose a day tour, which will include the visit of Kayangan lake on a banca local boat. If you have the chance to rent a private banca local boat you can negotiate with the agency to arrive earlier on the spot in order to have less people than at the peak time. Hiring a private banca local boat will be for sure more expensive but you will be able to manage your time on your own way.

The option with a shared group on a banca local boat will make you arrive at the exact same time with all the other boats since they all respect the same itinerary. If you are fine with traveling with the crowd that is ok. But if you desire to have a more intimate experience and if you are not in a budget then you can look for the private banca local boat option.

What to do in Kayangan Lake in Coron Palawan?

Most travelers will arrive on a banca local boat in order to reach Kayangan Lake in Coron. Once on spot they will be able to go swimming, snorkeling and diving. The depth of the lake is about 20 feet, with a sandy bottom and with rock formation similar to the cliff that surrounds it. There is also an overlooking mountain, which has a wonderful view of all the area. If you hire a tour guide he can also bring you to visit a cave at the top of the mountain. They are around 360 steps in order to reach the view. The path is in a good condition so it is not that hard to climb uphill. The top of that mountain is one of the most photographed locations in the entire Philippines. It seems that the word breathtaking has been created for that place. Many advertisements are actually using that place for the promotion of tourism in the Philippines.

The lake is composed of 70 % salted water and 30 % fresh water, which is a perfect combination for snorkeling. The water is very clear so swimming in it is a very nice experience. There are also bamboo canoes you can rent with a local guide in order to visit the place.

Best time to visit this destination?

As said earlier, if you want to visit Kayangan lake you have to choose to rent a private banca local boat or to go on a shared boat trip with other guests. The second option will make you arrive at the exact same time with so many other tourists. At that time Kayangan lake can be very busy. You will barely be able to take some pictures. Swimming will also not be that nice since the lake will be full of other travelers.

The tip that we can give you in order to enjoy the Kayangan lake at the best timing is to rent a private banca local boat. Before departure you can negotiate with the captain to leave as early as you could and then you will be some of the first travelers to arrive on the spot. Mostly the group tour will start to arrive around 9 am. So If you can make it to leave the town at 7:30 am and head straight to Kayangan lake you will be able to enjoy the place almost by yourself for probably 1 hour. The option of a private banca local boat will definitely be more expensive but the best option is to discover the place in a peaceful way.

What is the cleanest lake in Coron Palawan?

The cleanest lake in Coron Palawan, Philippines is Kayangan lake. Also consider the cleanest waters in Asia.

Can you snorkel in Kayangan Lake?

In Kayangan lake, Palawan, Philippines you can snorkel, swim and dive as well while joining a day trip aboard a banca local boat.