Sustainable tourism in the Philippines is the fact of traveling while being aware of our impact on the environment, the economy and the culture of the country.

Sustainable tourism in the Philippines will also be the manner of considering the needs of the country, the traveler as well as the industry concerned.

What are sustainable tourism practices in the Philippines?

  • Join a trip run by local company

Before traveling to El Nido in the Philippines you can first have a look online to get some names of locally run businesses. For example, rather than choosing an international agency you can choose a local company such as Nativ’ Exploration Palawan in El Nido. Nativ’ Exploration created several years ago a little foundation: Kaïsa which aims mainly in education and community support.

  • Buy food supplies from a local farmer

If there are any chances that you will have a kitchen while renting your accommodation in the Philippines, just head to the market to buy your own food. As it is very common in Philippines along the highway local will be selling some products (mostly the excess of their own garden). This is the best way to support local farmers from the Philippines. At Nativ’ Exploration we are buying in the local market before the departure or to some fisherman on our way. Our chef on board will establish a unique menu depending on what was available in the market. At Nativ’ Exploration we are proud to use local grown vegetables.

  • Donate to some local foundations

Philippines is having the support of many NGOs (local or international). As it is always better to help collectivity rather than individuals, it is not advisable to give randomly some money.

You can also try to be in touch with local health centers and schools in the Philippines as well. They are always in need of material.

At Nativ’ Exploration Palawan, we believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the people that make the Philippines such a remarkable place; our team on board is 100% Filipino.

We contribute to local development in the Philippines thanks to a fair distribution of our turnover generated by our activity and via the little foundation: Kaïsa.

We are implementing several projects to improve the condition of life of the locals in the Philippines (such as the creation of NGO to promote education in remote islands: Kaïsa foundation).Thru Kaïsa foundation, Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is supporting local communities in the Philippines living on the remote islands of North Palawan, by helping them on: education: building school and scholarship, promotion of livelihood, such as Filipino art or farming. Nativ’ Exploration Palawan has funded a new school and sponsored community development projects via Kaïsa.

  • Share some knowledge about global warming and be responsible of the ecosystem 

New tourist destination in the Philippines such as El Nido is having a big challenge regarding environment matter.  As locals don’t have always the information of how to protect the beautiful nature of the Philippines, if you can share with them about it, it will be a big help. You can also participate to the changes by showing the perfect example in the Philippines: not using any single us plastic (travel with your own tumbler), never throw anything on the sea, street, jungle or anywhere else, to take or buy anything which should stay in the ocean or on the beach. During expeditions with Nativ’ Exploration we ask our guests to make their best on the plastic ban policy of the island.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

Nativ’ Exploration is taking part in the protection of the environment with the Environmental fee, created by the tourism office of El Nido in the Philippines. It’s obvious that the environment is our best partner and we must protect it.

Kaïsa foundation is supporting locals in order to build awareness regarding the environment issue in the Philippines: abusive fishing, installation of buoy in order to reduce the damage on the coral.

  • Respect locals

This might be obvious for some people but it is always important to keep in mind that local have their own culture in the Philippines. Many of them never had the chance to travel themselves abroad so even thus they try to welcome on their best travelers still there is a gap of culture. Kaïsa foundation supports independence of communities in the Philippines and cultural respect from the traveler while visiting islands. During expeditions with Nativ’ Exploration we always highlight that Filipino have a strong culture and travelers also need to adjust at some part.

Kaïsa is also helping communities in the Philippines to improve their standard of living by helping them develop livelihoods or to involve themselves in tourism.

What are problems with sustainable tourism in the Philippines?

The issues regarding sustainable tourism in the Philippines are mostly related to the environment. The main issues will be the illegal fishing (wildlife trade with other Asian countries) as well as deforestation.

Why is sustainable tourism important in the Philippines?

Sustainable tourism is important in the Philippines since this is a recent touristic destination with absolute need of respecting the natural resources. If the tourism industry is abusive in several fields it will lead to the destruction of the environment and the culture. Tourism will not be sustainable for the future generation.