The Philippines has more than 7100 islands. This archipelago is rich in natural wonders. Philippines islands are divided into 3 regions: Luzon (the north), Visayas (the center), and Mindanao (the south).

Most of the popular tourist destinations in the Philippines islands are located in Visayas such as Bohol, and Boracay, In the Luzon region you will find the most famous which is Palawan Island. Then, the Philippines islands also have the region of Mindanao where the top destination is Boracay.

How many islands are in the Philippines?

The Philippines archipelago has 7641 islands, among them 2000 only are inhabited. Located in Southeast Asia, IT IS bounded by the South China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and Sulu and the Celebes Sea. The Philippines islands are counting endless beaches, volcanoes, and underwater wonderlands.

In the Philippines islands Filipino are speaking several dialects as well as English since it has been colonized by America after the second world war. There are more than 100 different cultural groups over the Philippines islands.

Our top list of Philippines islands

All of the Philippine islands are beautiful and there are so many amazing places to explore. But here, we’re sharing some of the most stunning Philippines islands that you absolutely can’t miss during your visit.


  • El Nido: for a couple of years, it has become the top destination of the Philippines islands. El Nido is often referred to as the last frontier or heaven on earth due to its geographical position and its lack of infrastructure. This makes that place unique in the Philippines islands and with its preserved natural environment. The Bacuits bay of Palawan, El Nido is definitely the highlight of the village. Travelers who reach the town will choose one or several daily boat tours to discover the archipelago. During those boat tours, you will be discovering islands surrounded by dark cliffs, lagoons, white sand beaches, and wonderful snorkeling spots.
  • Coron: the second top location is Coron located on Busuanga island is one of the top places to visit in the Philippines. Back in 1944, September the Japanese fleet was hiding among Coron when a squadron of US bombers discovered and hit them. There are 12 sunken ships at depths of 10 to 30 meters below the sea. Only a few places in the world have such a concentration of shipwrecks such as Palawan, Coron. They are well preserved and mostly lie in shallow water, which makes them visible for divers as well as for snorkelers.  Aside from the shipwreck, Coron is also blessed by white sand beaches and coral gardens, which make snorkeling a true experience. Nature has been very generous with this group of islands, providing also lagoons and lakes. All of that reunion makes the trip to Coron an entire experience.  It is often compared with its little sibling of El Nido, but is most commonly seen as quieter and slightly less busy.
  • Boracay: that spot has been the most famous place in the Philippines islands since a couple of years ago the archipelago started to welcome more travelers. Actually, it has been elected several times as the best beach in the world: caster sugar beaches, crystal water, and breathtaking sunset make the place a real well worth a stop-off. The most known place is the white beach, which can be sometimes crowded. You can also have a look at some quieter places such as Bulabog Beach, perfect for kitesurfing. What makes Boracay unique in the Philippines islands is the big range of hotels where to stay and eat. You will be able to find some rustic places as well as some sensational hotels such as Sangri-la. Boracay is also well known for its nightlife with a large number of places to eat (for vegetarian to meat lovers) and clubs to party.
  • Siargao: the new place to be in the Philippines islands. The town of Siargao has been very popular for a couple of years, especially because of its surfing spots. It is the home of the best surf breaks in the world: cloud 9. There are spots for professional surfers as well as for beginners. A magazine elected Siargao in 2019 as the Best Island in the world, which attracts more tourists every year. Outside of surfing activities, there are actually plenty of other things to do: hidden pools, magical rock pools, parks, and dive sites. Island hopping is also a great activity to do in Siargao: Naked Island, Guyam Island, and Daku island are definitely a must. The town is also famous in the Philippines islands for party life in the bar or by the beach and yoga community.
If you want to discover the top destination of the Philippines islands: Palawan you must try the unique adventure of a boat expedition. The route to Coron, Palawan includes hundreds of islands, crystal waters, pristine white sand beaches, coves, underwater caves, and sunken shipwrecks, rarely seen by most tourists. In the Philippines islands, Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is running expeditions between El Nido and Coron, Palawan in order to discover remote areas. The trip is from 3 to 5 days all including: a boat, guides, food (can be adjusted to any diets), tent or bamboo hut according to the base camp), snorkel, kayak. If you are the type of traveler who likes to go outside the beaten track in the Philippines islands: that experience is made for you. The daily activities from El Nido to Coron are based on swimming, snorkeling, relaxing along the beach where we stop, enjoying sunset view, sharing stories and star gazing around the fire at night, falling asleep to nature’s lullaby until sunrise wakes you from the morning sky. Nativ’ Exploration itinerary is about both island-style adventure and discover a simple way of life in the Philippines islands.
What are the three 3 major islands of the Philippines?
The 3 major regions in the Philippines islands are: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
Which is better, Coron or Boracay?
Coron is the best place to go island hopping and diving while Boracay will be the best place for more relaxed vacations with a busy nightlife.
Which is more expensive, Boracay or Palawan?
Boracay is well known to be the most expensive location of the Philippines islands but Palawan is not that cheap either.