The archipelago of the Philippines is counting 7107 islands. Meaning to say there are as many as those tropical white sand beaches in the Philippines to be on. The islands are well known to have world-class sands. Actually while traveling to this country the hardest will definitely be the choice you will have to make from all the beaches in the Philippines. Some particular places such as El Nido Palawan is famous for its white sand beaches in the Philippines and crystal clear water. Other locations such as Boracay in the Visaya will have one of the longest powdery white sand beaches from the Philippines. From a small cute beach located near a hidden cove from a long white sand beach, the choice to make will be huge.

Boracay’s White Beach:

Boracay is very famous for its white sand, powdery beaches. It is one of the best tourist spots in the entire country especially for those looking for beaches in the Philippines. It offers a 4-kilometer long stretch white sand beach in the Philippines and that is definitely the main attraction in Boracay. It was one of the first beaches in the Philippines, which started to attract tourists in 1980. Recently it has won the award for most beautiful beach in the world. In Boracay the water is calm and stretches like a huge pool, it is one place among all the beaches in the Philippines which has the finest sand.

Since that beach Philippines was developed among the first in the Philippines the infrastructure is quite good compared to other locations. For those looking for a party place it has a vibrant nightlife just straight. This makes that location very popular among all the beaches in the Philippines. It also has big range water activities. One of the most famous is the local sailing boat, traditionally from Boracay. This boat, which has a very colorful sail. It takes a huge place in the culture of the island.

El Nido, Palawan:

El Nido, Palawan is a recently discovered destination compared to Boracay. It gets its name from the famous bird nest that was bought by the Chinese and used for fine cooking. El Nido is the last village up to the island of Palawan. It is definitely a must-see place to visit in Palawan, Philippines. El Nido is a paradise nestled in Palawan, Philippines well renowned for its dramatic limestone cliff, hidden lagoons as well as its pristine beaches. In the El Nido mainland you have different places that must be visited such as Nacpan beach. This is the longest beach among all the beaches of north Palawan, Philippines. Among the Bacuit archipelago there is a hidden beach which is composed of a white sand, crystal water and kars formation surrounding it. You have to swim or use a kayak in order to reach that place, which makes it even more special.

If you ride a boat and choose an off grid activity such as a boat expedition with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan, Philippines you will be able to reach unspoiled white sand beaches in the Philippines and hidden gems of Linapacan island. For 3 or 5 days you can ride on a boat and visit a the true paradise of the islands in between El Nido and Coron with

Siargao’s Cloud 9 Beach:

Siargao is well known as the surfing capital of the Philippines and one of the best tourist spot in the Philippines. It welcomes an international surfing competition on its famous Cloud 9 beach and it brings Filipinos on the international scene of that sport. For travelers this is perfect to try that sport since there are many beaches in Siargao, Philippines and it will be good from beginner up to advanced surfers. The surfing culture has been developing much recently since this on of the only places in the Philippines which is very good for surfing. The island also kept its laid-back atmosphere since it is a bit remote from the rest of the country.

Actually, there is not only surfing to do there since it has a large range of activities and beaches to see in that region of the Philippines. There are islands to visit while joining an island hopping: naked island, daku and guyam island. There are also some places to see the mainland such as a natural swimming pool well protected in between the rocks.

Panglao’s Alona Beach:

Alona beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines, and well known as a tourist spot. The water is calm and families will be able to experience beach activities such as parasailing, island hopping, banana boat ride; Bohol also has a very rich marine life and is a very good spot for diving activities. If you join a boat island hopping you will be able to go snorkeling and observe the underwater world, if you are lucky enough you might cross the road of a turtle.

Cebu’s Bantayan Island:

Bantayan island has several beaches which is not so much frequented in the Philippines such as Sugar Beach and Paradise beach. The laid back atmosphere will be perfect for the traveler who wants to enjoy a relaxing location which is not that much crowded. The cost line of Bentayan is having sandy cove and azure water. If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the Philippines you should try to have a look at Paradise beach, hard to see if you don”t  know about it, you will have to take the staircase down to the beach and encounter paradise. This paradise beach in the Philippines has fine white sand and unbelievable blue water where it is very nice to go snorkeling in.

The second best beaches in Bantayan, Philippines is Sugar Beach. That place is less developed than the other, and it has a row of coconut treesthat complete the wonderful landscape. Sugar Breach is more secluded than its neighbor Kota beach. If you want to get some rest and enjoy the scenery, that place is for you.

If you are looking for endless white sand beaches surrounded by crystal water, definitely the Philippines is the perfect destination for you. If you love a busy place, Boracay will be a perfect fit to you. Bentayan and Alona beach will definitely be the place with the most locals and not as developed as the other locations. Perfect to relax while still having the feeling of discovering Filipino culture. Siargao will bring you all the adventure you need with trying surfing. While El Nido in Palawan, Philippines will blow your eyes thanks to the unrealistic beauty of the place, you might feel the place is not real since it is a condensed limestone cliff, turquoise water and white sand beach. All these are one of the most beautiful beaches of the Philippines. To be able to catch that dream you better spend your time while being on board a 3 or 5 day boat cruise with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan. During that trip you will adopt a laid-back style of life enjoying the rhythm of nature with the sunrise and sunset. You will be able to eat super fresh local food, discover the Filipino way of life by sleeping in bamboo huts. All of that will make your trip to Palawan, Philippines very unique and you will experience a true adventure.