If you are looking for a place to stay in El Nido Palawan it is good to first understand how the town is built and where most of the hotels are located.

The best options to star in El Nido 2023

One of the options where to stay in El Nido Palawan is inside the town center. This is the main hub of the region. You will be able to find the biggest number of restaurants, travel agencies and bars.

Another location where to stay in El Nido Palawan will be Corong Corong beach. This place is only located 5 minutes by trike from the main town and it has one of the best sunsets of north Palawan, a quieter and less crowded place to stay in El Nido Palawan.

Nacpan beach is also another option where to stay in El Nido. Among one of the longest beaches of North Palawan, Nacpan is now counting some hotels and glamping where you will be able to enjoy a different stay.

The last option is to stay in El Nido Palawan and probably the less known east coast of Palawan.  If you are riding a bike it will be about 45 minutes from the town. San Fernando will be the perfect place to stay in El Nido Palawan if you are looking for a remote and off the beaten track experience.

What is the best area to stay in El Nido, Palawan?

The best area where to stay in El Nido will be depending on the type of holidays you are looking for. If you want to experience the local way of life and peaceful location: definitely reach the east coast of Palawan either at the village of Sibaltan or San Fernando.

For a place where to stay in El Nido closed from restaurants and clubs: the town proper will be the best option. Since it will be reachable at walking distance.

Then for a more family friendly place where to stay in El Nido Corong Corong might be the perfect alternative.

Best hotel to stay in El Nido Palawan 2023?

  • Pangulasion El Nido Resort: definitely one of the most luxurious options of places to stay in El Nido. This resort is located on a private island in the Bacuit Bay in the middle of El Nido’s turquoise water.
  • Maligaya beach resort: one of the best place to stay in El Nido, Corong Corong
  • Talisay boutique hotel: for a middle range place where to stay in El Nido it will be perfect. This place is offering only a couple of rooms, super comfortable and at the entrance of the town.
  • Cadlao resort and spa: is located at Calaan beach. This part of El Nido will be a bit more quiet than the rest of the town. Their luxury rooms and pool will be perfect for travelers who are looking for a place to stay in El Nido which is not that far from the center.

If you are looking for a place to stay in El Nido but you are also hoping for a different type of adventure: Nativ’ Exploration will be the best option to let you experience the local way of life. From El Nido to Coron, we offer expeditions to explore tropical islands, underwater worlds, above and beyond the sea. You will not have to worry about any hotel booking, this is a package where we include everything!

How many days should you stay in El Nido?

The good length of stay in El Nido is around 5 days. Travelers who reach the town will choose one or several daily boat tours to discover the archipelago surrounded by dark cliffs, lagoons, white sand beaches and wonderful snorkeling spots. After spending a few days exploring the islands, you might have some spare time in order to explore the inland beauty: Nagkalit-Kalit Falls, Duli beach, Taraw cCliff…

Do and don'ts in Palawan?

Do book in advance your trip. Palawan can be busy especially during peak season, which can make the choice of hotel and tours very limited if you wait to be on the spot. So better to book a place to stay in El Nido in advance.

Don’t litter or damage the environment. Palawan is a gem in terms of biodiversity, please follow the advice: “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.”

Where should I land if going to El Nido?

If you have the budget you better land directly in El Nido. For that there is the small private company called Airswift, which is operating flights from Manila or Cebu Coron. You can check out their website for availability, it requires early booking since they have only a few flights a day.

Is Coron or El Nido better?

El Nido will have a more impressive landscape, perfect for island hopping while Coron will be definitely the best in terms of underwater world, so much better if you wish to go diving. El Nido will be slightly more expensive so maybe not the best if you are on a budget. You will also be able to have a large range of places to stay in El Nido.