Here are the top 5 reason why you should visit the island of Palawan:

  1. Pristine white sand beaches. Palawan is counting hundreds of islands. Many of them are located in some remote area. If you like the unspoiled beach you will be a happy traveler. The beaches are surrounded by crystal transparent blue water. Which makes the islands breathtaking. In order to see some of the best beaches of the world, you might have a look at El Nido Palawan, Coron Palawan or Linapacan: clear blue water, lagoons, and lakes… These 3 spots are definitely a must if you travel to Palawan.
  2. Scuba diving; the island of Palawan is full of coral gardens, sunken shipwrecks, coral reefs… Underwater world is also very rich in terms of animal spices. Palawan offers a large variety of diving activities according to the level of divers. One of the top 3 places where to dive in the Philippines is definitely: Coron Palawan. In 1944, the Japanese fleet went to Coron Palawan in order to hide from US bombers, but unfortunately they discovered them and hit them. There are now 12 shipwrecks at depths of 10 to 30 meters under the sea. This is one of the few places in the world where there is such a huge concentration of shipwreck in a small area. Most of them are still in good condition and not so deep so it’s easy to dive on it.

Aside from the sunken shipwreck Coron Palawan is also counting coral garden, which make the snorkeling fantastic. Nature has been very generous to the underwater world of this island.

  1. The Bacuit bay: if you reach Palawan you must go to visit El Nido Palawan. Bacuit Bay is located in front of this small town and has many small Islands made of limestone cliff and surrounded by emerald lagoons and water. El Nido Palawan is often referred to as the last border of the Philippines or heaven on earth because of its geographical location as well as its lack of infrastructure, which make the place still wild. The area is still well preserved and blessed by luxurious nature. Travelers who will reach the town of El Nido Palawan will be able to join one day or several days tours in order to visit all these

We suggest that you peruse our blog for tips to consider when embarking on a boat expedition through Palawan.

  1. Underground river: located nearby Puerto Princesa, this one of the most wonderful natural resources of the Philippines. Underground river has been elected one of the 7 wonders of Nature and this is also part of Unesco world This is 8,2 km long and you can visit it while riding a small boat.
  2. Friendly islanders: local people in the Philippines are mostly always very friendly. In Palawan, locals are always willing to help or just give a big smile for their visitors. This is a land where travelers are coming for a long time and even settling there after discovering the paradise. Because of that many locals are actually speaking a lot of dialects and are able to welcome well Filipino people coming from other islands.

Why should you visit Palawan?

Palawan has been elected several times: best island in the world and there are some good reasons for that.

This island has several attractions which make the area a must while you travel to the Philippines: clear blue water, sunken shipwreck from the second world war, coral garden, pristine white sand beaches, fantastic marine life and majestic island surrounded by ageless limestone cliff.

Palawan island is still away from mass tourism compared to other Asian countries. It offers several types of activities and accommodations, still mostly run by local people and often by the sea. There are also options of bigger and more luxury resorts or sometimes located on secluded islands which make the experience truly unique.

Travelers will be able to choose among many different types of activities in Palawan island: snorkeling, diving, kayaking, island hopping, trekking, fishing. That is definitely the best destination for outdoor activity in unique scenery.

What is the importance of Palawan in the Philippines?

Palawan is an island, which has been discovered by tourism recently compared to other destinations in Asia. Palawan island is often featured in many international: “best in the world”, such as the most beautiful beach in the world… Palawan Island is very rich in terms of flora and fauna. Local government is trying to make the destination a good example as an ecotourism place in order to preserve all the natural wonders of this last frontier of the Philippines.

The most well known towns are Coron Palawan and El Nido Palawan because of their dive site and landscape for the second one. There are also many other places yet to discover, but more off the beaten track let’s say, such as: Brooke’s point Port Barton or Taytay.

The capital of Palawan Island: Puerto Princesa is hosting the very famous underground river, which is part of the 7 wonders of the world. For that Palawan is internationally very well known.

Palawan is also often referred to as the land of the promise. Since a few years tourism has been booming. Local businesses keep on hiring especially in El Nido Palawan and the salary rate is much higher than in the rest of the Philippines. Palawan people are very welcoming as well with outsiders. The area is composed of 75 different culture groups and locals speak different dialects. They are hosting many local festivals well known as “fiesta” in order to celebrate religious ceremonies, parades… Palawan Island is known as a welcoming land with warm locals who will make outsiders feel at home.

Why is Palawan the most beautiful island in the Philippines?

The Philippines has more than 7500 islands all located in Southeast Asia and surrounded by the south China sea, pacific ocean, Sulu and Celebe sea. All these islands are counting endless beaches, underwater wonders, lakes, volcanoes and lagoons such as in El Nido Palawan.

One of the most popular locations in the Philippines is, for sure, Palawan island, according to all the awards the island earned. Palawan island has hundreds of wonderful beaches, a corral garden, shipwreck, breathtaking view with carsick cliffs. On international tourism it is well known to be one the most beautiful places in Asia. Since Palawan is a bit hard to reach it makes the places still, well preserved and attractive for travelers. The beauty of Palawan is almost unbelievable especially in El Nido Palawan: white sand beaches, crystal blue water and islands surrounded by limestone cliffs with bonsai trees. It is also hosting shipwrecks in shallow water where it is very convenient to dive.

What do you love about Palawan?

With white sand beaches, cliffs with limestone, waterfall, coral garden, lakes, Palawan island is definitely a magic place. Nature is everywhere above and under the sea. If you go diving or snorkeling you can see a large variety of fishes, turtles, manta rays, seahorses.

Palawan islands is hosting some very famous destinations in the Philippines such as El Nido Palawan and Coron Palawan. This location is a must to be placed in the Philippines. If you reach El Nido Palawan you will be able to also do a very unique boat trip expedition from El Nido to Coron with Nativ’ Exploration.

The route from El Nido Palawan to Coron includes hundreds of islands, blue water, coves, and beaches rarely seen by tourists. Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is running a local agency in order to discover these remote areas. This is a 3 or 5 day trip, which includes everything: food, boat, guide, entrance fees, accommodation such as a tent or bamboo huts on the islands, kayak… If you want to travel outside the beaten track this adventure is made for you. The daily activities from El Nido to Coron Palawan are mostly based on water activities: snorkeling, relaxing by beach, swimming, enjoying sunset view, sharing time around the bonfire and of course enjoying fresh Filipino food. Nativ’ Exploration Palawan is offering an adventure about both island style discovery and experiencing a simple way of life in the Philippines.

Once you will end your trip you will be able to reach the wonderful place of Coron Palawan. These are the top places to visit in the Philippines. It is well known for its azure water, lakes, springs as well as for its shipwreck. In fact, Coron is hosting Second World War wrecks as well as shallow water coral reefs, which actually attract travelers from the entire world. It is often compared with its sibling of El Nido by most often seen as less crowded. Coron Palawan will also have easy access in and out to and from the island since there are several airline companies operating there.

Palawan is definitely the paradise for beach lovers as well as for adventure seekers. Luckily it is still preserved from mass tourism up to now which makes the place very attractive and authentic.