Many travelers are always looking to experience a true adventure while traveling. When they are organizing their trip from abroad it is not that easy to know exactly the best itinerary. If most of them will only look on common websites they might organize a trip, which will be similar to many others. While researching about traveling to Palawan you will find out about regular island hopping in El Nido or in Coron. What about experiencing something different? Adventures which truly bring you close to local life and who will make you discover the unspoiled paradise of the northern part of Palawan: a boat expedition in Palawan. This is far from the local offer of daily island hopping bringing hundreds of people to the same place at the same time every day. A boat expedition is the process of reaching a breathtaking landscape and unspoiled beauty of north Palawan.

If you are one among the few lucky persons who will be able to embark on an incredible boat expedition in Palawan there are some practical tipsto consider before joining the journey:

1. Packing Essentials for Your Boat Expedition

You are on your way to join a boat expedition in Palawan and you were wondering what you need to bring? First of all you may know that most of the travel agencies such as Nativ’ Exploration Palawan do not have a limitation of luggages. In fact, many travelers have luggages or bags for all their travels in the Philippines. Since for a boat expedition in Palawan, the departure is from El Nido and the arrival in Coron of course all the luggage will be loaded on the boat. This is a little tip: you can pack a separate bag back with what you will need for a 3 to 5 day boat expedition in Palawan that you can keep with you during all the adventure and then the rest will be staying on the boat during all the trip. It will help the logisticssince most of the loading and unloading are made with kayak. Try to keep in mind that the island in between El Nido and Coron do not have muchinfrastructure. Here is an example of packing list given by Nativ’ Exploration Palawan for joining a boat expedition in Palawan:

  • Protection against the sun: hat, sunglasses, rash guard…
  • Reef shoes: to avoid to step on a sharp rock on the beach
  • All the clothes you will need (and personal belongings) and some long sleeve for the evening to protect from mosquitoes repellent
  • Fins if you want to make snorkeling easy. Snorkels is included with Nativ’ Exploration Palawan
  • A couple of alcoholic or alcoholic drinks if you wish so. There are some villages on the way but not that often
  • If you are worry to be seasick you can get some pills with you
  • A rain coat You can have a look to the weather forecast but do not worry sometime they change super fast:

2. Choosing the Right Tour Operator

Finding the right tour operator in order to join a boat expedition in Palawan will be the key to your adventure. Nativ’ Exploration Palawan has been operating boat expeditions in Palawan for more than 10 years, and we have  a lot of experience in this field. If you want to learn more about the company here are some facts. For our boat expedition in Palawan we are putting a lot of our attention about protection on the environment and local communities as well as on customer satisfaction. Actually a boat expedition in Palawan is an exchange between travelers and locals, the idea is to find the good balance to make everyone satisfied and happy. We are limiting the size of our group to 14 and 16 persons, which is very small compared to some other agencies. The idea with that is to let our guests experience an intimate adventure and to not exhaust the base camp and villages where we pass by.

If you still want to have more information about our boat expedition in Palawan you can have a look that blog article: El Nido Tour Packages- 5 days 4 nights

For the boat expedition in Palawan every beginning of new season we are posting our schedule for the year, here is the link If you want to have a look to our 3 days boat expedition in Palawan schedules

You can also send us an email in order to receive the entire description, we also offer a private boat expedition in Palawan.

3. Staying Safe During Your Expedition

While you will be joining a boat expedition in Palawan there are some few things to respect in order to stay safe:

  • life jacket will be on the boat, they need to be wear as soon as the staff will advice you
  • if the sea is a bit rough at sometime avoid moving for pictures or other, stay seated and wait it become calmer
  • never touch anything underwater that can be dangerous for you and for the environment
  • do not step on the coral: this is very painful and you will kill them!
  • Avoid sunbathing for so long, sun could be very dangerous under the tropic
  • Be reasonable in your consumption of beer: no one want to be managing an hangover while being on the boat

4. Respecting and Preserving the Environment

Respecting and preserving the environment sounds basic but still very important to say again. While experiencing a boat expedition in Palawan you will discover: abundant island, forest, beaches, crystal water… All of that will definitely make your trip a fantastic experience. If we want to preserve it and to make it as longer as possible we have to be super careful of that. There are some few best practices:

  • “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”: sand and shell must stay on the They are veryimportant for the ecosystem. Same as seastar, fishes or turtles: do not touch it you will put them into danger. Of course, you should make sure to never leave any trash after you. There is no garbage collection on the islands. And then the last is to not kill anything!

Here is an article with some little information about sustainable tourism.

5. Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

The islands you will be visiting by joining a boat expedition in Palawan are preserved from mass tourism so please keep in mind that we all hope it can last a bit longer. If you are ready to join that trip you have to make sure you can immerse yourself in the local culture. The rule number one is: be open-minded and do not judge: locals have his or her own culture, which is fascinating. You might not understand every detail but a boat expedition in Palawan gives you the chance to come very close to it. For a few days you will adopt the local way of life and be close to villagers. A boat expedition in Palawan is once in a lifetime experience if you are able to immerse yourself you will make it a blast.

6. Capture Memories and Embrace the Experience:

While joining a boat expedition in Palawan everything is reunited to make the adventure the highlight of the trip in the Philippines. The turquoise water, underwater wonder, tropical islands: all of that will complete your adventure perfectly. The team of Nativ’ Exploration Palawan always try their best to make you like a perfect moment during a boat expedition in Palawan:

  • Food is fresh and cooked on board
  • They will let you experience local way of life: you can try local fishing, walk around villages
  • Bring you at the best time on the island according to tide and current
  • Let you sleep on a village or by the beach

This boat expedition in Palawan allows you to go back to basics and to enjoy the luxury of simplicity. While traveling far away from home after a year of working hard it can be a bit hard at first to fully enjoy your vacation time and to forget about problems from home. Joining a boat expedition in Palawan will give you the chance to fully disconnect for a few days; Since the experience will be far from your comfort zone you won’t have time to think about anything else and you will just be living in the moment: enjoying the right thing at the right place. That is definitely the highlight of a boat expedition in Palawan: in a few days you will adjust to a different life still and disconnect.

If you feel you are ready to join the adventure you can have a look at our website or message us to get more details. We will be happy to help you to organize your trip in Paradise: